• Fiber Reinforced Plastics

    Fiber Reinforced Plastics

    Composite materials or composites obtained a higher property by mutual interaction of the individual components.

    The same thing happens with our compositis, presses and automation components such as resin injection mould temperature control and handling facilities also. Only a precise interaction of all components produces best composites.

Fiber Reinforced Plastics

Our composites RKP presses series is suitable for large-volume parts with thermoset or thermoplastic matrix. Fast closing times or long curing times are freely programmable. A precise and exact parallel locking of the upper tool is possible through an actively controlled parallel attitude of the slide in the hundredths of a millimeters range.

A "must" for high-precision components. It doesn’t matter whether you want to apply a pure compression or injection press technique. LAUFFER has the solution.

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