• Encapsulation Technology / Transfer Molding Presses

    Encapsulation Technology / Transfer Molding Presses

    With over 50 years of encapsulation technology made by LAUFFER for customers worldwide, LAUFFER is firmly established for producing presses and fully automated systems for the encapsulation of semiconductor devices, electronic assemblies and components.

Transfer Molding Presses

Our delivery program ranges from manually loaded conventional transfer molding presses up to fully automatic molding systems. For electrotechnical components such as coils, rotor shafts, or commutators, LAUFFER offers manually loaded or partly automated transfer molding or shuttle table presses. We also supply test and production molds as well as peripheral equipment including preformers and high frequency preheaters. Whether assembled on a ceramic substrate, DCB, LTCC or PCB, LAUFFER encapsulation technology can offer you just the right solution.

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