• Lauffer - Forming your ideas

    Lauffer - Forming your ideas

    Our family business was founded in 1872, we build hydraulic presses for various applications and industries for over 80 years now. Thousands of delivered machines and equipment are working for our customers worldwide.
    Round the clock, 365 days a year.

For over 145 years, Lauffer has proven that consistent quality and extensive process knowledge prevail in the market. Today, we are among the leading manufacturers of hydraulic presses and equipment in the fields of laminating and composite technic, plastic and wrap technology, forming technology and powder technology. With over 280 dedicated employees, we develop solutions to build presses, making our customers successful worldwide. We are dealing with the thoughts and ideas of our customers and providing solutions for their tasks. Therefore, we are always a reliable partner. We build presses with progress and tradition. 

Our history

LAUFFER PRESSEN stands for progress with tradition. Founded 1872 our company produced the first internally-designed hydraulic press in the year 1927. Since this time thousands of our machines and systems have been in use with our customers worldwide. Please click to visit the company history of Lauffer


In 1872, Johann Martin Lauffer lays the groundwork for today's Maschinenfabrik with the establishment of a locksmith and mechanical workshop in Mühlen am Neckar. The young company at the edge of the Black Forest specializes in the maintenance and distribution of agricultural machinery. 


In 1914, Mr. Ernst Lauffer (senior) as well as Gottfried and Wilhelm Lauffer, the next generation of the Lauffer family take over the management of the enterprise in Mühlen am Neckar. At this time, the metalworking shop and workshop develop into a manufacturer of oil hydraulic presses which are primarily used in the fruit and wine processing. 


In the postwar period from 1949 to 1983, the factory developed rapidly. Under the leadership of Ernst Lauffer (Jr.) and Richard Lauffer (senior) the product range is extended, offering hydraulic presses for industrial applications. The development of the first C-frame press marks the beginning of this new era for the company. Because the space in the original factory in Mühlen could no longer support the growth of the company, the year 1976 marked a further milestone when the company moved to its new production and administration facility in Horb am Neckar,. 

The years 1984 - 2018

In the year 1984 Hans-Martin and Richard Lauffer take over the family business in the 4th generation.

In 2018 Christof Lauffer and Markus Oechsle form the management team.

The product range today includes the plastics, laminating and encapsulation technology in addition to machinery and equipment for the processing of metals (metal forming technology and powder technology). With this wide range of products, LAUFFER provides solutions for customers from all over the world and is one of the world market leaders in their respective sectors. 

Since 2018

In 2018, the strategic partnership and cooperation with the Chinese HFM Group is announced and implemented. Christof Lauffer and Markus Oechsle continue to form the management team of the company. Prof. Dr. Yan Jianwen, Chairman of the HFM Group, is appointed Chairman of the new Supervisory Board.