LAUFFER steht für Fortschritt mit Tradition. Gegründet im Jahr 1872 stellte unsere Firma im Jahr 1927 die erste selbstkonstruierte, wasserhydraulische Presse her. Seit diesem Zeitpunkt sind Tausende unserer Maschinen und Anlagen weltweit bei unseren Kunden im Einsatz.


1872 Johann Martin Lauffer lays the foundation for today’s company with the foundation of a locksmith and mechanical workshop in Mühlen am Neckar. The young company on the edge of the Black Forest specializes in the maintenance and sale of agricultural machinery.

1914 –1948

Starting from 1914 with Ernst Lauffer (sen.) as well as Gottfried and Wilhelm Lauffer, the 2nd Generation controls the fate of the company.

During this time, the locksmith’s shop developed into a manufacturer of oil-hydraulic presses, which were mainly used in fruit and wine processing.

1949 – 1983

In the period from 1949 to 1983 the company developed rapidly.

In the post-war years the product portfolio was expanded under the leadership of Ernst and Richard Lauffer. Increasingly, hydraulic presses for industrial applications are also offered. The development of the first C-frame press marks this new epoch for the company. At the same time, the company continuously focuses on internationalization. As early as the 1960s, LAUFFER PRESSES are in use worldwide.

1984 – 2018

1984 Hans-Martin and Richard Lauffer, the 4th generation, take over the management of the company. The product range includes machines and plants for metal processing (forming and powder technology) as well as systems for plastics, lamination and encapsulation technology.

With this broad product range LAUFFER offers solutions for customers all over the world. 2018 marks a special point in the history of the company. With the announcement of a close strategic partnership with the Chinese HFM Group, LAUFFFER also positions itself for the coming decades in the international machine building industry.


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